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Ricardo Christie

Residential Specialist

With an analytical approach to understanding goals and what is needed to achieve them, partnered with the expertise of the team at Ray White, Ricardo is confident in ensuring a full circle victory for all involved. 

Ricardo’s success as a professional surfer represents twenty years of dedication to his craft, an openness to learn, experience performing in high pressure situations and the mental toughness required to fight through challenges and achieve his goals.

For the last 20 years as a professional surfer, Ricardo has worked for some of the most influential brands in the surf industry as a brand ambassador, where his main role is to market their company and products. This means having a clear understanding of the company and their goals, understanding their product, identifying their target market and then coming up with the best way to connect everyone together naturally. 

Ricardo's vast experience with people, marketing and holding himself accountable to achieve results has gifted him a solid foundation to utilize in his Real Estate career.

Ricardo is also no stranger to putting himself around the right people in order to best achieve his goals, that’s why he chose Ray White Gisborne to work and learn alongside the most innovative team in the field directed by Shelley Donaldson, Tom Harbott and AlanThorpe.

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