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Property Management

Why Use A Property Manager?

Do You Need a Property Manager?

  • Are you familiar with the latest requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and the potential financial penalties of up to $50,000 incurred by landlords relating to failure to meet these requirements with regards to inspections, access, notice, repairs and maintenance? Are you familiar with the latest fluctuating market rental rates and how to achieve a premium rent for your property?
  • Do you have contracts with trusted tradespeople who provide quality services at the best possible rates?
  • Do you receive any discounts on advertising rates in multiple forums when your property is becoming vacant?
  • Do you have the time to check rent payments for your property daily, address maintenance, have keys cut, provide new swipe cards, and attend viewings after hours?
  • Do you receive the benefits that the latest technology provides daily to effectively track rent payments, monitor arrears, plan inspections and control repairs and maintenance?
  • Do you have access to thorough credit check facilities? Initial tenant selection is crucial!
  • Do you attend training or conferences regularly to keep up to date with expert industry knowledge?

Answer NO to one or more of these questions…You need us!

What Value Does a Property Manager Provide?

1. Comprehensive initial inspections backed with photographic evidence

2. Access to the best systems for application vetting/credit checking/reference checking

3. Educated advice for tenants creating better quality outcomes

4. 24/7 Contact

5. Ongoing education of legislation updates and requirements

6. Minimised vacancy periods through fast online tenant viewing and booking systems

7. Meth testing procedures, information and best practice

8. Access to the best tenancy law advice and support

9. Compliant Tenancy Agreements and other documentation

10. Personalised service offerings to best suit your individual needs and investment ambitions

Click the below link to view all the reasons why a Property Manager Provides Value

What Are The Costs?

  • Rental Appraisal and Market Overview: FREE
  • Photography of your property: FREE
  • Advertising: This covers all advertising. realestate.co.nz, trademe.co.nz, homes.co.nz, raywhite.co.nz, raywhite.com, rwgisborne.co.nz, juwai.com & HouGarden: ALL FREE
  • Tenant Credit Check: FREE
  • Management Fees: We have different packages to suit your property.

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