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The Inspection Process

Why do we inspect our properties?

We have our landlords sign an agreement in which we agree to inspect the property every 3 months (12 weeks).  The inspection is to assess the condition of the property, make note of any changes with the condition at the property and report any maintenance issues that may need attention. Many insurance companies require copies of the periodic inspections in the event of a claim so it is crucial that they are done in a timely manner.

How much notice will be given

Legally we need to provide tenants with a minimum of 48 hours written notice before conducting an inspection, but we try to give at least 2 weeks (14 days) notice  where possible.  Our tenants will receive correspondence via email and text with a date that we will come through to inspect.  It is not always possible to be at the property at an exact time, so we will give tenants a window during which time we will arrive.

How often will this happen?

We will carry out an initial inspection 4-6 weeks after a tenant moves into the property to ensure everything is going smoothly and deal with any maintenance issues they may have.  From there onwards we will conduct the inspection every 3 months (12 weeks)  to ensure that the insurance stipulations  are met.

What’s included in our inspection? 

Where possible, we conduct a video inspection (about 3-5 minutes long) alongside our written report and photos. To view an example of our video inspection, click here. To view an example of our routine inspection reports, click here.

Once the inspection is complete, we aim to send out the Inspection Report within 24-48 hours to your email, and if needed, request your approval for any maintenance issues that may have been raised.

For more information about our inspection process or management services, please fill in the form below, or give our team a call on 06 867 1122.